Monday, September 7, 2020

Find Out What is Child Rearing Style You Have to Implement?

What is Child Rearing - Every parent might have already known what is child-rearing? However, have they got the best choice?

You might easily answer that question. You are probably confident to say that “I already have had the best child-rearing style. However, can you see your kid right now? Does she or he gets the potential?
If you are not sure the answer, you might not really understand what child-rearing is. You can spare your little time to know about it if you really want to be the best parent for your kid.

What is Child Rearing
What is Child Rearing

The Thing You Have to Know About Child Rearing

Actually, it is simple to understand what is child-rearing. It is a process of how you take care of and raise your kid. It is about how you feed your kid, how you choose the school, how you choose book your kid needs to read, how you teach your kid to act and interact with the others, and etc.

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The way of taking care and raising your kid is determined by many factors. Two factors influence most. They are religion and culture. That’s why parents in Eastern and Western have different styles of child-rearing.

Which one is the best? It is hard to assess due to the fact that every parent wants to give the best for their kid. The difference is the way they take care of their kids.

The Difference Between Three Child Rearing Styles

Like what has been explained before, child rearing is the process or the way to take care of the kid. In this case, the style of child-rearing is divided into three categories. What are they?

1. Authoritarian

Are you the type of parent who gives a lot of rules for your kid? If you are, you actually have implemented an authoritarian child-rearing style. You fully control your kid.

By applying this child-rearing style, it seems that your kid doesn’t have space to think independently. It is due to the fact that what your kid does is based on what you like and allow to do. You determine what your kid can or cannot do.

In fact, it is not quite a good child-rearing style for today. Parents used to choose this kind of parenting style in the past. It was good at that time since it makes their children obedient. However, it doesn’t fit with today’s condition. When a kid is ruled with strict regulation, he or she tends to rebel.

2.    Permissive

This child-rearing style is the opposite of the previous one. Permissive parents are loving to the kid. Since they love so much, they don’t want to make a limitation. Even, it seems that there is a rule or regulation. Kids can do everything.

Some people say that this child-rearing style makes kids spoiled. The kid always wants to have what he or she wants to get. A kid will cry so bad when he or she doesn’t get it.

Meanwhile, parents don’t want to have confrontation or conflict with their kids. As a result, they always meet what the kid wants.

3. Authoritative

The authoritative style is in the middle between authoritarian and permissive. Parents have rule but it is not quite strict. The kid can do anything freely as far as he or she doesn’t break the rule.

Parents are responsive toward what their kid needs. They will always try to meet what their kid wants to have. However, they also like to say “no” when they think that kid doesn’t really need that stuff.

There is a space for parents and kids to discuss. The kid is given a chance to say the reason. Meanwhile, parents will listen and give their reason why they give or doesn’t give support.

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From those three child-rearing styles, what one is the best for you? And then have you already implanted that kind of style? Now, you don’t only understand what is child-rearing. You have a choice. And hopefully, you have the right choice. You have to have a commitment to apply the parenting style you choose.

And be committed to applying since it is about your kid’s future. For sure, you want to have seen your kid have a better future, do you?