Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Parenting Tips for Dads to Influence Child’s Development

Parenting Tips for Dads

Parenting tips for dads is rarely explained since only a few fathers want to listen and implement it. Most of them only have an understanding that their role is as breadwinner. They become the ones in the family who provides money for their wife and children.

In fact, dads have to be involved in a child’s development. If they are not involved, there will be a lack in terms of development. In addition, there is no strong relationship or connection between the child and the dad. You don’t want to make it happen to you, do you?

Therefore, parenting should be learned by any father in the world. Parenting is not only a mother’s job. You as a father should take apart in this process of parenting.

Role of Father in Different Stage of Child’s Development

There is research that will make you excited to take apart in child’s development. From the search, such a conclusion is made in which kids’ behavior problems when they grow up are suppressed when a father involves in their development. Besides, kids have better achievement academically.

The question now is “what should you as a dad do to make it happen?”

1. Role of Dad for Baby Born

You might think that the only one who can take care of a newborn baby is a mother. In fact, it is totally wrong. It is you as a new father who needs to take care of the baby.

In this case, you have to understand your wife’s position. She has just given birth and it is not an easy process. Recovery needs quite a lot of time. Even, there is a certain condition in which Caesar surgery has to be chosen as the best choice. Usually, it requires several weeks to recover.
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So, who takes care of the baby? Of course, father. Your wife only needs to do breastfeeding. The rest is your task like washing the baby’s clothes, putting the baby to sleep, changing the diapers, and many others.

For the baby, this kind of role of a dad will stimulate brain development. Besides, the baby will grow happily since the baby feels safe and comfortable beside his or her dad.

2.    Role of Dad for Toddlers

Toddlers have a high curiosity toward something new. That is why you as a father needs to give your baby guidance. Remember. In this case, you are a guide, not a helper. You guide your baby to fulfill his or her hunger about knowing something.

So, what does your wife do? Frequently, a wife has a lot to do at home like washing clothes, cooking, and many others. There are always household chores that make your wife run out the time. She might be so exhausted with so many chores.

3.    Role of Dad for School Child

You might wonder what the difference between the influence of mother and dad’s parenting. The answer is clearly understood. A mother is so proactive to her kid. While a father is supportive.

A father is the one who is able to make the kid independent and confident. These independence and confidence determine how well kid studies at school. In fact, those who have support from the father have great academic achievement.

So, are you still questioning about the role of a father in parenting? That parenting tips for dads hopefully convince you that you determine who your kid in the future.

Unfortunately, only a few fathers understanding this concept of parenting. Most of them leave this job to their wife. Their job is only to earn money to fulfill their family needs financially. In fact, they also have an important role in child development.

You must agree if you want to give a better future for your children. And you can’t make it happen by only working so hard and saving a lot of money in the bank account. Money is important yet your presence in every single stale of your kid’s development is much more important. Try to have a balanced life by implementing these parenting tips for dads.