Thursday, September 17, 2020

Parenting Tips for Toddlers for Better Development

parenting tips for toddlers

Parenting Tips for Toddlers - Do you have toddler? If you do, it is time for you to learn about parenting tips for toddlers. You have to change everything that you have done in the past. Your parenting style should be changed since your beloved one is not a baby anymore.

Change has to be done. If you don’t do this change, there will be troubles. Your child needs to learn how to do something independently without your help since he or she is not a baby anymore.
Therefore, you have to learn about parenting tips for toddlers. It is not only beneficial for you but also for your kid’s development.

Tough Challenges When You Have Toddlers

Before talking about parenting for toddlers, you have to know the challenges. When you have a new born baby, there are many challenges like changing diapers so many times, waking up in the mid night since baby is hungry.

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When you have toddler, you have different challenges. In this phase of development, your child is curious about something new. He or she like to explore and try to figure about a new thing.
Therefore, toddlers like to touch or smell something new. The way to explore a new thing might be different. Sometimes, toddler put the thing into the mouth.

Actually, it is a good sign since curiosity makes your toddler develop. However, how comes if the thing he or she holds is sharp like knife or scissors? It must be dangerous, right?

That become a reason why you have to change the way you take care of your child. You have to keep an eye on your kid when playing. Make sure that there is no sharp thing surrounding since it can hurt your beloved kid.

Besides, toddler like to be disappointed. Curiosity leads kid to do many things. However, as parent, you cannot let your kid do anything. There must be the thing that you forbid your kid to do or play. As the result, sometimes your kid is disappointed. He or she will cry like crazy which is usually called tantrum.

It is actually a big challenge when you have toddler. That is why you’d be better if you spare your time and learn about parenting tips for toddlers.

Try to Apply Parenting Tips for Toddlers

So, what should you do? At least, there following tips will help you to be a good parent for your toddler.

1. Don’t Make Too Many Rules

As parent, you will always try to give the best for your toddler. You don’t want to put your toddler in danger. Because of this reason, sometimes parents make rules. And they are a lot which makes kid frustrated. It seems that kid doesn’t have a space to make exploration.

Rule is important since it becomes a guidance about what kid can or cannot do. However, too many rules will frustrate your kid. Try give rule which gears toward kid safety. You can add another rule over time.

2. Give Your Kid Affection

Toddler likes to explore. And during the time of exploration, he or she might do something wrong, like messing up the floor, breaking the glass, etc. You might be angry. However, hold your anger and try to show your love by giving your kid explanation not to do that again.

Punishment is required. Nevertheless, make sure that it is only given when kid does something wrong all over the time. Besides, you have to give reward and affection when he or she does something good.

3.    Avoid Tantrums

Actually, there is nothing to worry about when your toddler likes to have temper tantrum. Yet, when it is too frequent, you have to reduce.

One of the best ways to reduce tantrum is by opening discussion. You have toddler, not a baby. You can communicate with your child about anything, not to mention about the rule and the thing that he can or cannot do. Give explanation rather than anger when he breaks the rule.

When your kid is angry because of disappointment, approach him and give him a hug. Ask him a question why he gets angry. Then, slowly explain what you need to explain.
Good parents are those who can lead their kid to have better development. When you want to be one of them, try to implement parenting tips for toddler consistently.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Parenting Tips for Dads to Influence Child’s Development

Parenting Tips for Dads

Parenting tips for dads is rarely explained since only a few fathers want to listen and implement it. Most of them only have an understanding that their role is as breadwinner. They become the ones in the family who provides money for their wife and children.

In fact, dads have to be involved in a child’s development. If they are not involved, there will be a lack in terms of development. In addition, there is no strong relationship or connection between the child and the dad. You don’t want to make it happen to you, do you?

Therefore, parenting should be learned by any father in the world. Parenting is not only a mother’s job. You as a father should take apart in this process of parenting.

Role of Father in Different Stage of Child’s Development

There is research that will make you excited to take apart in child’s development. From the search, such a conclusion is made in which kids’ behavior problems when they grow up are suppressed when a father involves in their development. Besides, kids have better achievement academically.

The question now is “what should you as a dad do to make it happen?”

1. Role of Dad for Baby Born

You might think that the only one who can take care of a newborn baby is a mother. In fact, it is totally wrong. It is you as a new father who needs to take care of the baby.

In this case, you have to understand your wife’s position. She has just given birth and it is not an easy process. Recovery needs quite a lot of time. Even, there is a certain condition in which Caesar surgery has to be chosen as the best choice. Usually, it requires several weeks to recover.
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So, who takes care of the baby? Of course, father. Your wife only needs to do breastfeeding. The rest is your task like washing the baby’s clothes, putting the baby to sleep, changing the diapers, and many others.

For the baby, this kind of role of a dad will stimulate brain development. Besides, the baby will grow happily since the baby feels safe and comfortable beside his or her dad.

2.    Role of Dad for Toddlers

Toddlers have a high curiosity toward something new. That is why you as a father needs to give your baby guidance. Remember. In this case, you are a guide, not a helper. You guide your baby to fulfill his or her hunger about knowing something.

So, what does your wife do? Frequently, a wife has a lot to do at home like washing clothes, cooking, and many others. There are always household chores that make your wife run out the time. She might be so exhausted with so many chores.

3.    Role of Dad for School Child

You might wonder what the difference between the influence of mother and dad’s parenting. The answer is clearly understood. A mother is so proactive to her kid. While a father is supportive.

A father is the one who is able to make the kid independent and confident. These independence and confidence determine how well kid studies at school. In fact, those who have support from the father have great academic achievement.

So, are you still questioning about the role of a father in parenting? That parenting tips for dads hopefully convince you that you determine who your kid in the future.

Unfortunately, only a few fathers understanding this concept of parenting. Most of them leave this job to their wife. Their job is only to earn money to fulfill their family needs financially. In fact, they also have an important role in child development.

You must agree if you want to give a better future for your children. And you can’t make it happen by only working so hard and saving a lot of money in the bank account. Money is important yet your presence in every single stale of your kid’s development is much more important. Try to have a balanced life by implementing these parenting tips for dads.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Find Out What is Child Rearing Style You Have to Implement?

What is Child Rearing - Every parent might have already known what is child-rearing? However, have they got the best choice?

You might easily answer that question. You are probably confident to say that “I already have had the best child-rearing style. However, can you see your kid right now? Does she or he gets the potential?
If you are not sure the answer, you might not really understand what child-rearing is. You can spare your little time to know about it if you really want to be the best parent for your kid.

What is Child Rearing
What is Child Rearing

The Thing You Have to Know About Child Rearing

Actually, it is simple to understand what is child-rearing. It is a process of how you take care of and raise your kid. It is about how you feed your kid, how you choose the school, how you choose book your kid needs to read, how you teach your kid to act and interact with the others, and etc.

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The way of taking care and raising your kid is determined by many factors. Two factors influence most. They are religion and culture. That’s why parents in Eastern and Western have different styles of child-rearing.

Which one is the best? It is hard to assess due to the fact that every parent wants to give the best for their kid. The difference is the way they take care of their kids.

The Difference Between Three Child Rearing Styles

Like what has been explained before, child rearing is the process or the way to take care of the kid. In this case, the style of child-rearing is divided into three categories. What are they?

1. Authoritarian

Are you the type of parent who gives a lot of rules for your kid? If you are, you actually have implemented an authoritarian child-rearing style. You fully control your kid.

By applying this child-rearing style, it seems that your kid doesn’t have space to think independently. It is due to the fact that what your kid does is based on what you like and allow to do. You determine what your kid can or cannot do.

In fact, it is not quite a good child-rearing style for today. Parents used to choose this kind of parenting style in the past. It was good at that time since it makes their children obedient. However, it doesn’t fit with today’s condition. When a kid is ruled with strict regulation, he or she tends to rebel.

2.    Permissive

This child-rearing style is the opposite of the previous one. Permissive parents are loving to the kid. Since they love so much, they don’t want to make a limitation. Even, it seems that there is a rule or regulation. Kids can do everything.

Some people say that this child-rearing style makes kids spoiled. The kid always wants to have what he or she wants to get. A kid will cry so bad when he or she doesn’t get it.

Meanwhile, parents don’t want to have confrontation or conflict with their kids. As a result, they always meet what the kid wants.

3. Authoritative

The authoritative style is in the middle between authoritarian and permissive. Parents have rule but it is not quite strict. The kid can do anything freely as far as he or she doesn’t break the rule.

Parents are responsive toward what their kid needs. They will always try to meet what their kid wants to have. However, they also like to say “no” when they think that kid doesn’t really need that stuff.

There is a space for parents and kids to discuss. The kid is given a chance to say the reason. Meanwhile, parents will listen and give their reason why they give or doesn’t give support.

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From those three child-rearing styles, what one is the best for you? And then have you already implanted that kind of style? Now, you don’t only understand what is child-rearing. You have a choice. And hopefully, you have the right choice. You have to have a commitment to apply the parenting style you choose.

And be committed to applying since it is about your kid’s future. For sure, you want to have seen your kid have a better future, do you?

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Healthy Parenting Skills Determines Happiness at Home

Healthy Parenting Skills - Every parent wants to make sure you raise your kid well and find his or her potential. However, not every parent has such a happy family. The reason is that they don’t exactly know or implement healthy parenting skills.

Healthy Parenting Skills Determines Happiness at Home
Healthy Parenting Skills

Sometimes, parents have something contradictory. They really want to make their kid get their potential. Therefore, they give the best such as education, food, and many others. However, on the other side, sometimes they act like crazy. They push their kids so hard that make their kid stressed. In this kind of condition, it is hard to find a happy family in your house. That is why you have to learn about healthy parenting skills.

What Does Healthy Parenting Means?

The main purpose is to make your family happy, especially your kid. Your kid and you as a parent are not stressed with kind of daily activity to reach the goal.

Of course, you have a goal. You want to lead your kid to a better future. You might think that you have made your kid study harder. Nevertheless, sometimes your kid is stress then he or she is a little bit lazy to do what you want him or her to do. You might get angry. You are frustrated. So is your kid.
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Will you feel happy in this kind of situation? Of course not. Therefore, you have to know healthy parenting skills. They are skills in which you can handle disagreement. You are able to control your anger and avoid conflict when your kid doesn’t do what you want him to do.

However, it doesn’t mean that you are surrender. You don’t give up the situation. By implementing healthy parenting, you are controlling the situation in order that your goal to make your kid's future better can be reached without having to do violence, abuse, anger, and many other negative things.

Three Healthy Parenting Skill to Implement

If you have already known the main purpose of implementing healthy parenting skills, the question is what do you have to do? There are at least three skills that you have to master. Here they are:

1. Always be Positive

The first and the most important thing to do is to always have positive thinking. Why? Because positive thinking influences your action. When you think positively, your act will do the same. And when you can do so, you will give a positive response even though your kid does something bad.

For instance, your kid is not succeeded in the exam. You will not get angry. And of course, you don’t have to do it. With positive thinking, you will try to help him out instead of blaming him. And in fact, when a kid gets failure, he needs courage, not criticism, or even blames.

2. Build Strong Relationship

In every situation, it is better for you to show your love. Make your kid feel that you are always there for him or her.

In your busy activity every day, do spend your time taking care of your kid. Go to the room and ask questions like what your kid is doing, any problem with homework, and many others. It looks trivial yet it is very important to show your love. When you do so, you have already built a strong relationship. You will be able to handle conflict with your kid when it potentially happens.

3. Understand Your Kid More

Do you really know your kid? Do you know your kids’ best friends? What game he or she likes to play? Try to understand your kid deeply. By doing this, you will be wise when you have conflict. You will not easily get angry with your kid since you understand what he or she feels in any situation. You put your ego aside and try to see the problem in your kid’s perspective.
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What your kid loves might change. It changes due to age. Your kid might not love comics anymore. He or she loves to read novels. Try to follow their passion. It is an effective way to understand your kid more and more.

Now, you must really sure that every parent should know these healthy parenting skills. Because the parents’ role is to raise their kids wisely. Raising the kid with too much anger and conflict should be avoided. If you really want to prepare your kid for a better future, you have known what you have to do.

Friday, September 4, 2020

5 Parenting Tips to Figure Out Your Kid’s Potential

It is not difficult to find out parenting tips right now. You can browse the internet. Then you will find a ton of information and tips about it. However, which tips let you know how to figure out your kid’s potential?

Parenting Tips

Possibly, there are only a few tips about it. And for sure you don’t have enough time to study and implement all that stuffs. It will waste your time. Your kid grows so fast. You need to run as fast as possible to figure out what your kid’s potential or talent is.

When Should You Figure Out Kids’ Potential?

Every kid has his or her own potential. You have to believe it. However, there is one problem. Not every parent has an idea of how to find it. Mostly, parents let their kids find ways. Then, most of the kids seem like have no idea what their potential. They don’t realize in which area or subject they are better till they are grown up.

You don’t want to be a parent like that, do you?

It would be better if you learn parents who succeed in finding out their kids’ potential. You can see a lot of talented people in the world mostly because of their parents. They are able to explore and then find out their kids’ talent when they are still very young. And it starts with their consideration or awareness of the importance of implementing parenting tips.

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Do you have to do it when your son or daughter is still young? The answer is that it would be better if you begin the process of finding out their potential when they are kids. When they go to school, you don’t have to push them to study and master all subjects. You have already known their potential. You only need to push them to study a certain subject that supports their potential.

Does it sound good to you?

5 Best Parenting Tips to Apply

Then, what should you do when you have already realized that finding out kid’s potential has to held as soon as possible? Here are 5 parenting tips which you have to do:

1. Make Your Kid Know Many Different Things

When you don’t have any idea in which area your kid has potential, make him or her try many different things. Make your kid be a friend with books, kinds of sport, play, computer, and many others. Then, figure out which subject he or she loves much. Because potential usually emerges from what your kid loves very much. When he loves a certain subject, he will spend much time to do it. He will explore over and over until he becomes a master.

2. A lot of Traveling

Stop spending much money to buy toys. Actually, it is not quite a wise thing to do. When you want to give your kid a reward or a gift, it is better for you to take him or her to many different places. Go traveling with your kid. When your kid travels a lot, the mindset opens up widely. It is quite possible that your kid finds what he or she loves. Possibly, it is your kid’s potential.

3. Teach to be Discipline

The character should be built from kid. For example, you have to teach your kid how to be disciplined. It is an important foundation. When you notice that your kid has got the potential, try to make him discipline to it. Don’t let him bored then he stops learning. Because potential don’t need to found but it also has to be improved. And improvement is made by discipline.

4. Make Your Kid Independent

Every parent wants to give the best to their kid. Nevertheless, sometimes they don’t implement it wisely. For instance, they always give their hand when their kid gets trouble. When they do it over and over, their kid will not be able to live independently. Let your kid learn to solve his or her problem. Let him or she be such an independent person.

5. Balance Between Study and Play

Pushing your kid to study harder is a must. Yet, there should be a balance between study and play. Your kid also needs refreshment. It will be better if you choose a play that supports their potential. So, what he or she studies and plays is to improve their potential.

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Now, you have already known parenting tips to figure out kids’ potential. One thing that should be remembered. Parents are not people who push their kids to do what they want to do. Parents have a role to open up their kids' potential. So, the kid will do what he or she really wants to do and has potential on it.