Monday, August 17, 2020

Check Out Why Do Babies Wear Helmets

Why do babies wear helmets? It is known that this is a therapeutic helmet for very young babies so that their heads have a normal shape. The head of an adult is formed and hard, while the baby's head is still soft and can continue to develop. The soft head turns out to help the baby get out of the mother's womb at birth. Over time, the cranium will be stronger and harder. Some will form perfectly rounds, unfortunately, some will not.

why do babies wear helmets
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Among the several incidents of babies born with flattened head conditions, the handling process also varies, but there are also babies who have to use special medical devices such as corrective helmets to improve the baby's head condition. However, the use of corrective helmets is only used for babies with head flat syndrome with severe conditions.

Babies’ Conditions to Wear Helmets

There are some conditions that require babies to wear helmets. The first condition is Plagiocephaly. Plagiocephaly or often referred to as 'head peeling' is caused by babies often sleep in the same position. This makes the baby's head form flat in certain parts, depending on the baby's sleeping position. Plagiocephaly is not painful for babies. But, when the baby grows up, the shape of the head will be difficult to make perfect again.

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In everyday life, doctors advise parents to diligently change their baby's sleeping position. And even if you have to use a therapeutic helmet, the most appropriate age is starting from 6-8 months. Another condition is called Craniosynostosis. It is a condition where the baby's head hardens and forms at a young age. This is caused by genetic factors.

Some symptoms of craniosynostosis are unbalanced head shape and unbalanced fontanel (baby shell adhesive). Other symptoms of why do babies wear helmets are the abnormal shape of head size, headache, and eyes become wide. Difficulties in the process of learning new things and vision loss will also be noticeable. So, how do you use this helmet therapy?

How to Use Baby Helmet Therapy

This helmet therapy requires babies to wear a helmet for 23 hours per day. And it is recommended to start this therapy when the cranium has not yet formed and hardened. The period of use of a helmet can take 3 months or more, depending on the problem. During this therapy, the baby is also advised to be diligent in bringing control to the doctor. This is so that the helmet can be adjusted according to the baby's development.

Many think this therapy will make it difficult for babies to move. Or it can cause discomfort in the scalp. But keep in mind, this helmet is not a sports helmet in general. They use different materials from helmets in general. In conclusion, we can prevent the baby's head shape diligently changing the baby's sleeping position.

However, if it has been carried out but has not been successful, it is better to immediately see a doctor for further diagnosis. Sometimes genetic conditions can occur without us knowing it early. According to a study in the journal "Pediatrics", as many as 47% of babies are born with a flat and oblique head on the back. This will usually be seen when the baby enters the age of 6 weeks to 8 months.

Pressure in the womb itself is a condition where there is pressure in the uterus or because of a lack of amniotic fluid that functions to protect the baby. So, if the mother is in a state of pregnancy, it is advisable to routinely check the condition of the fetus, so there are no unwanted things. That is why do babies wear helmets.