Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Steps of When do Babies Start Talking

Have you ever wondered when do babies start talking? From birth to several months of life, babies still have difficulty speaking. Whatever the baby feels and wants to convey, only comes out through the crying and expression on his face. This continues until finally, your little one can speak perfectly.

When do Babies Start Talking
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However, the age of a baby can talk is not the same for every child. So, at what age do babies usually start learning to talk?

As we know, babies can talk through a gradual process. Uniquely, the learning was first obtained when the baby was still in the womb. The researchers found that there was activity in the fetal brain every time the mother spoke in a loud voice or emphasized a few words. From there the baby begins to learn to talk by listening to his mother's voice.

When born, babies cry more, grimace, and do other things as a way of expressing the emotions they feel. As it develops, babies will begin to issue babbling like saying something after the first 2-3 months. The development will continue until the baby can speak his first word, for example, "mama" or "daddy" which is around the age of 9-12 months.

From that point on, babies will babble more often to describe what he saw, heard, felt, thought, and wanted. Baby's speaking ability will certainly develop perfectly until he is 2-3 years old.

The Stage of Development of Speaking Ability

When still in the womb, when do babies start talking is by distinguishing the voice of the mother from the other sounds. After birth, crying is the child's first form of communication. Even so, different styles and sounds of crying indicate a different complaint about what the baby wants to convey. Interestingly, in this period the baby has begun learning language through recognizing the words he heard from people around him.
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If at the age of 3 months the baby only recognizes words from other people, at the age of 4 months and above the baby starts talking by imitating what he hears. At this age too, your little one learns to pronounce words with the same vowels, such as "bababa", or "yayaya".

Entering the age of 7 months, the baby's words begin to sound reasonable. The reason, he was trying to try the tone and speech patterns like what was said by the people closest to him, although still not right. Babies also begin to understand their own names and respond to other people's calls.

Entering the Second Year

His speech skills will be better because your little one is not just talking. Rather, it tries to connect meaning with itself gradually. For example, you will hear the first word that is easy to say but has meaning, namely "mama" or "daddy". Furthermore, interesting words will appear with easy pronunciation from the little one. This process will continue along with the help of those around him who invites him to talk.

At the age of 13 to 18 months, the collection of baby vocabulary will increase. Babies also start cleverly using a few words that they remember to explain what they feel. Although sometimes it's still a little missed, at least you understand what the little one means. In essence, babies have realized the importance of expressing what they want through language.

The more the baby gets older, the more proficient his speech is. Evidenced by the age of almost two years, the more words he can say. In addition, your child is also able to combine more words in one sentence. That is why the people around the baby must be extra careful when do babies start talking because it will be very easy to imitate the little one.