Sunday, August 16, 2020

When Can Babies Eat Food for the First Time?

When Can Babies Eat Food - Parents are very enthusiastic when their babies are eating food for the first time. This is not a secret anymore. The problem is when can babies eat food for the first time. This can be considered as the question with no answer.

when can babies eat food
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Of course, there are some doctors who say that you could start giving the porridge starting from six months old. Yet, this is not the exact age when your baby is ready for his or her first food. That is why there are things about your baby's first food that you need to highlight.

Is your baby ready for food?

This is the basic question that you need to answer. Fortunately, this is not a hard thing to do because of the basic indications. Yes, there are some indications to show that your baby is ready for his or her first food. Here are some of those indications:

  • The first one is the steady position of the head. This one means that your baby is already able to set the head straight for a few minutes. If your baby is still not able to do that, then your baby is not ready for the food yet.
  • The second one is sitting without support. This is important because a lot of babies are forced to sit with support. The problem will come when your baby has to sit without support. That is why being able to sit without support is one sign that your baby is ready for food for the first time.
  • The third sign is the interest of your baby to the things that you eat. This is usually followed by the action of mouthing. Mouthing can be considered as the act to put their hand or palm inside their mouth. If your baby is interested in what you are eating and starting to suck the palm, then your baby is ready for the food.
You need to notice those three signs if you want to know when can babies eat food. Once you have noticed those three signs above, you are ready to plan the food for your little baby.

Planning the food for your baby

Some of you might think that planning food is easy. Yet, it is not as easy as you have thought. There are some points that you need to highlight in preparing the food for your baby. Here are some of those things.
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The complexity is the first thing that you need to highlight. The opposite of the name, you need to start everything with simple basics. For example, you have to avoid using salt or sugar for the start. Give your baby one thing in the form of soft porridge for a few days. The duration is meant to know if there is any effect from the food that you give.

The nutrient is the second thing to consider. Of course, breast milk from the mother has a lot of nutrients for the baby. Yet, you should not stop there. You have to give the proper nutrients for your baby. That is why you can start with the simple cereals, beans, or even the single grain. Just make sure you keep the first point above in your mind.

Variation is the next thing to highlight. The meaning of variation is that you can start giving some fruits and vegetables for your baby if you want. The complexity of course depends on the age of your baby. For babies less than eight months old, you can start with a few kinds of fruits. For the older babies, you can chop the fruit or vegetable so that your baby can start to chew it.

Planning the food for the baby is not that hard actually. As long as your baby has no problem with the food, it is okay to start giving something more. So, when you have learned when can babies eat food, you need to plan the food that you want to give to your baby.