Tuesday, August 18, 2020

How to Teach My Baby to Walk

How to teach my baby to walk - A lot of parents are looking about it. During the first year, your child will gradually develop the coordination and strength of the muscles in his body. This ability generally starts from learning to sit, crawl, stand up, and finally be able to walk. You really don't need to worry too much if your baby needs more time to walk. That is because the development of the ability of every child to be able to walk is not the same.

How to Teach My Baby to Walk
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As long as there are no physical abnormalities in the child, especially in the legs, slow to start walking is still natural. Sometimes children cannot learn to walk because they need to be motivated and stimulated to be brave enough to take the first step. Well, here are some tips that can be done to stimulate and train your little one to immediately be able to walk depending on the development of his age.

Talking about walking, most toddlers have started to be able to walk without help at the age of 15 months, although often with imperfect steps. So, how do you train children to learn the way? Find out the tips in this article.

Make Them Learn How to Sit

At the age of around 4 months, how to teach my baby to walk can begin from sitting even though you help them. At the age of 6 months, babies can generally sit alone. You can help your child to sit when he is in a recumbent position by pulling his hands together and holding him.
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To attract his attention, invite him to play by using a game that is interesting. Those are such as rolling the ball toward him or doing stacking-composing games to encourage him to strengthen his back muscles and coordinate.

Teach Them to Crawl

At the age of 6 to 10 months, the little one starts to crawl to try to take various objects around him by crawling using the stomach or push up position. Crawling is an important phase because it indirectly trains the movements of the arms and legs of the child at the same time. Well, take advantage of this stage by placing a toy object that is a little away from it to encourage the little one to move towards it.

Lift Their Head Up

When the baby enters the age of 8 months, he will become stronger and more curious. At this stage, he will begin to withdraw himself with the support of the goods and people around him. Well, this stage is the right time to teach balance and make it accustomed to standing position. You can help the person pull his body when he is ready in a position to stand.

When your child wants to sit back, teach him how to bend his knees to return to a sitting position. Lunging will help your child reduce the risk of falling when he starts learning to walk. However, remember! You must be patient because bending the knee is a difficult thing for the baby.

Make Them Walk with Your Help

When you are 9 to 10 months old, help your child get used to standing up straight without being held for half a minute. If the baby sits down, his motivation to get up stands alone. You can train them to step their feet while holding their hands. If it's possible, let your little one hold your hand as a handle to walk.

Besides being helped by you, usually at this stage on how to teach my baby to walk your little one will try to propagate on the wall or furniture around it. You can place your little one in his sleep box, guide them to stand by holding on to the wall box, and guide him to walk along with it. Always accompany them when learning to walk in a baby crib to ensure safety.