Monday, August 24, 2020

4 Ways on How to Teach Baby to Talk

How to Teach Baby to Talk - Any baby always looks adorable, especially when they begin to chatter. Parents are wondering how to teach baby to talk. Generally, a baby starts to chatter when he is 4-6 months old. The spoken word may be only one or two words, such as "ma-ma" or "pa-pa" with pronunciation that is still unclear. At the age of 7-10 months, the vocabulary stored in his memory is increasingly touching.

How to Teach Baby to Talk

Babies begin to be able to pronounce the sentence rather long, like "mama". Then at the age of 1-3 years, children are more fluent in speaking. They are also good at repeating words spoken by people around him. Basically, the development of each baby's speech is different.

But if your child has not been able to say a word until he is 2 years old, then this condition should be watched out for. It could be that the child has certain disorders. Well, here are 10 effective ways to stimulate your baby to talk quickly.

Frequently Invite Babies to Talk

No need to wait three months, since the baby is born, you must actively invite them to speak. Even though the baby doesn't answer, actually the brain's nerve cells have captured the signal well and stored it in memory. The more often mom asks them to talk, they will remember more vocabulary. So don't ever get tired of talking in front of your little one.

Singing makes your heart cheerful. So, occasionally teach babies to talk with a fun method. For example, you could do this through songs. But mom must be selective in choosing songs. Try to sing children's songs whose lyrics are easy to hear and understand. If possible, songs that contain elements of education are good.

Moms can sing songs while holding her baby while relaxing or at night before going to bed. In addition to singing your own songs, you can play music or videos on your cellphone. Invite a baby to sing. Surely the baby will be enthusiastic and over time he understands the meaning of the song.

How to teach baby to talk quickly can also be by telling a fairy tale. Like a fairy tale about legends, stories of prophets and friends, stories of fables, and so on. When reading stories, you should not be too fast. Read it slowly, with the right expression to attract his attention. Moms can use dolls as property to tell stories as if the doll is a fairy tale. This method is quite effective in increasing the ability of babies to talk.

Understand Baby’s Expression and Body Language

A baby who has not been able to speak properly can only cry, whine, laugh, and sometimes play body language to express his desires. Now, as parents, moms must be smart to understand what the child wants to say. Understand the expression. Then try answering it with words.

Besides understanding baby expressions, moms also need to respond to every word. Even though it is only a chatter that has no meaning, as much as possible keep listening and responding. Make eye contact to show seriousness. That way, children will feel cared for. Ask the child to say the word. Then moms say once more so that the child understood better

To talk to babies who are still small, for example, under 1 year, it is better to provide easy-to-understand vocabulary. You can start with the words mama and papa. Then add words that are familiar with your child's daily life. Repeat every word over and over until the child understands.

Do not even say harsh words in front of children, moms! Because it will be recorded in its memory and can have a bad influence on its behavior. Those are how to teach baby to talk