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How Much Should a Newborn Sleep before Reaching Six Months Old?

How Much Should a Newborn Sleep - Newborn has an unpredictable sleeping habit. The main reason is because of the rapid eye movement that affects the sleeping habit of the newborn. This is one thing that finally raises the question about how much should a newborn sleep.

how much should a newborn sleep
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Yes, all the mothers in the world want to give the proper time for their baby to rest. So, they want to set their resting schedule so that they can rest too. This is the challenge for many of those mothers. If you are dealing with that kind of problem too, you can start with the information below.

1 to 2 Months Newborn Sleeping Schedule

During the first stage of life, the baby sleeps a lot. You can even say that the baby will sleep most of the time. Your baby will wake only when the baby has some needs. Wet diaper and hunger are two examples of things that will wake the baby up. Besides that, you need to also learn that the rapid eye movement of the baby is one important factor to highlight. The REM is one thing that will let your baby sleep for a shorter period of time.

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This is the main reason why you can say that two hours is the maximum time for your baby to sleep. When you are talking about the maximum time of your baby to sleep during this age, two to three hours is the maximum time. That is because the hunger will affect the sleep of your baby too. That is why your baby will wake up mostly because of the hunger, which is about two to three hours at max.

3 to 4 Months Newborn Sleeping Schedule

Once your baby is getting older, you can rest a bit more. The main reason is that the baby of three to four months old is already adapting to the environment. You can take the example of the baby's sleep at night. Most of the babies will sleep longer at night because of the dark condition. So, when you are asking how much should a newborn sleep, the answer is less. Yet, you can find the baby will sleep longer under certain conditions.

For example, on the day, your baby might sleep for two to three hours at max. There will be no significant change in the sleeping habit in the daytime. On the opposite, silence at night is affecting the sleeping habit of your baby too. That is why babies tend to sleep more at night. How about hunger? Once your baby is getting bigger, the baby will have a bigger and longer digestive system. That means your baby will stay full for a longer time. As a result, they will not get hungry easily.

5 to 6 Months Newborn Sleeping Schedule

These times are considered as the final period of the newborn. That is because some parents are lucky enough to have babies that can sleep up to eight hours during this age. During the age of five to six, many babies have started to sleep for six to eight hours at night. However, the daily sleeping habit is not going to change that much.
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The main thing that will change is the wake-up habit. The baby will wake up even more while sleeping when they are full only. That is why you can relax a bit if your baby is already able to sleep for six to eight hours at night.

Those details above are the cases found in many babies in general. Even though, not all the babies are going through the same sleeping cycle. As a matter of fact, there are babies that only sleep for four hours at night when they reach the age of six months old. Because of that reason, you need to learn how much should a newborn sleep based on the condition of your baby.