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flu shot side effect
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Flu shot side effects baby - Flu shot is something very common in many parts of the world. This one includes the flu shots for the baby. Unfortunately, there are a lot of parents who are afraid of it. Yes, you cannot ignore the fact that the flu shots have side effects. As a matter of fact, the side effects are affecting not only the kids but also the adults. That is why many of those parents are quite cautious in giving the flu shot to their baby.

If you also worry about the flu shot for your baby, there is a thing that you need to know. It is about the dosage of the shot. For the baby below six months old, the dosage is very small. That is why you do not need to worry about that. Meanwhile, for the baby from six months until eight years old, the dosage is double. This is because they need a stronger shot to prevent the flu. However, the dosage is still different from the flu shot for adults.

If you are wondering about the possible side effects of the flu shots, you need to know these things. These are the things that can be considered as the side effect of the flu shots.


This is one of the most common side effects if you give a shot to your baby. This one is usually for babies less than six months old. That is because the skin of the baby is still very sensitive. As a result, the area where the baby gets the shot will get swollen.


This is another similar case with the swelling. That is because the skin of the baby is still very sensitive. Yet, the sensitiveness is different between one baby with the others. That is why some babies will get swollen while the others will get the redness on the skin. That is also one flu shot side effects baby that you need to know.


You have to realize that all of the vaccines can give this kind of side effect. That means there is nothing to worry about from the fever because of the flu shot. This is something very natural because the body of your baby is trying to accept a new thing that goes inside the body. As a result, your baby will get a fever.

Runny Nose

This last thing is something that many parents do not want to deal with. That is because the runny nose is a sign of flu. You are giving your baby a flu shot. What is the benefit of the shot if your baby still has a runny nose? That is the question that you need to answer. One thing that can cause this thing is because you are already late when you are giving the flu shot. That is because the shot is for prevention, not for treatment. That is why the flu shot has no effect.

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You might want to hope that is one thing that happens to your baby. That is because if the baby still has a runny nose after the flu shot, there is a chance that your baby is already immune to the flu shot before. It is because there are four different kinds of flu shots based on the type. There is a possibility that your baby is already immune to one of them. That is why your baby needs another treatment to cure the flu.

Those things are some of the side effects of giving the flu shots to your baby. Most of them are not that harmful so that you can give the flu shots to your baby without any worry. However, the last from flu shot side effects baby is something that you need to highlight. If your baby experiences this kind of side effect, take your baby to the doctor directly.