Monday, August 17, 2020

6 Causes of Premature Babies That Usually Happens

Causes of premature babies - The premature baby is something quite common to happen. That is because, from the percentage, you can find the case reaching 10 percent of the whole pregnant women. That number is quite a lot.

Causes of Premature Babies
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Unfortunately, there are not a lot of pregnant women who understand the causes of premature babies. If you are pregnant and you do not know these things yet, then here are 6 main causes of babies that born prematurely.


There are quite a lot of women who understand this kind of situation. That is because based on many surveys, the preeclampsia is considered as one of the most common factors that will result in the premature baby. As an addition to that, this kind of condition is something that will only occur on the last trimester. So, many pregnant women are late to realize this kind of condition.


There are two different types of diabetes. Type one diabetes usually occurs in older people. Meanwhile, type-two diabetes usually occurs on younger people. Despite the diabetes type, it is still something dangerous for the health of your baby. That is because diabetes can cause preeclampsia too. That is why pregnant women with diabetes need more attention if compared with women with no diabetes. Be very careful with that.


Lifestyle is one of the most common things that will cause the baby to born prematurely. Unfortunately, there are not many women who realize this kind of thing. Many of those women will start changing their lifestyle because of the pregnancy. Yet, that is not enough.

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If you have a bad lifestyle before the pregnancy, changing it will not affect the condition of your baby. There is still a great chance that you will have a premature baby. It is because you had bad habits or lifestyles. That is why the bad habit of lifestyle is one of the greatest causes of premature babies.

Multiple Pregnancies

The case of multiple pregnancies is quite often to happen. As a matter of fact, if one of your family members has the gene of having twins, there is a chance that you can have the twin too. Yet, that is not always 100 percent. If you have multiple pregnancies, it is better for you to give more attention to your babies. It is because two babies need more nutrients so that they can grow maturely. Or else, premature birthing is going to happen.

Uterine Abnormality

This is not something that happens often, but the chance is still very possible. The uterine abnormality is a condition where your uterus or your womb changes its form. The change is actually something quite common. Yet, there are some women who will have a great change over their womb because of the pregnancy. This is that will result in the uterine abnormality.

Early Water Break

Water break means the time of the birth is getting close. Yet, there are some cases where your water will break on the 30th week or around the last trimester. If the water break is not that much, there is a chance that you can have a mature birthing.

Yet, in the case of water that breaks is too many, then you might have to do the surgery for the birthing. This is another cause of premature birthing.

There are still quite a lot of other reasons and factors that will give premature babies. Yet, those six causes of premature babies are the most common ones. So, if you experience one of those things above, you should not be shocked to have a premature baby. As long as you take good care of the baby, there is nothing to worry about the possibility of premature birthing.