Thursday, August 27, 2020

Answering the Question Can you Get Sick from the Flu Shot

Can you get sick from the flu shot - There are some people who are asking can you get sick from the flu shot. It is because many of them felt like their condition is getting worse. It is as if they had flu even though they had just got the flu shot.

Can you Get Sick from the Flu Shot

If you are experiencing the same thing, there are some things that you need to know. These things are related to the sickness that you experience after getting the flu shots.

Is it possible to get flu after the shot?

The answer is always no. That is because the main purpose of the flu shot is to prevent you from getting the flu. That is why if you are asking if you had flu after getting the shot, that is something impossible. The shot usually contains half of the virus and half of the antivirus. This is because your body needs to learn the thing that they have to fight. It is the virus. How to fight the virus? This is the work for the antivirus.

If it is not flu, what is it?

Yes, this will lead you to the correct answer. The thing that you experience is the mild side effect of the vaccine injection. Some people will think that the side effect looks like flu. It is because you usually feel the drowsiness and even the runny nose. That is a good thing actually.
That means the immune system in your body is responding to the vaccine injected inside your body. If your body does not give any kind of response, there is a possibility that your body is already immune to the vaccine. That is why you might need a higher dose for the vaccine.

What are the side effects of the flu shots?

From the brief information above, you have learned the answer to can you get sick from the flu shot. Yet, you can get the side effects from the flu shot. If you are asking for the side effects, there are quite a lot of side effects that you can get. Fortunately, these side effects are considered as something mild. If you want to know, here are some of those mild side effects.

The first one is a mild fever. The meaning of mild fever is that your body temperature is reaching 38 degrees, but less than 39 degrees. If your body temperature is almost reaching 40 degrees, that is not something common. If you feel the mild fever, you can take a rest to let your immune system works better.

The second side effect is body aches. This is very common because you just got the flu shot. There will be pain, aches, and stiffness near the area where you get the flu shot. There is nothing to worry about. The same thing is applied for the redness and swollen on the area where you get the flu shot.
The last one is the dizziness.

This is not a problem as long as you are conscious. The problem is when you feel dizzy and you are not conscious. That means you faint. This is the point that you need to highlight. If you feel the dizziness, you can get sleep for better body metabolism. Yet, if you faint before you get your sleep, you have to go to the doctor. There is a chance that your immune system is not strong enough to deal with the flu vaccine.
That is brief information about the flu that people acquire after getting the flu vaccine. So, the answer to can you get sick from the flu shot is impossible. There is no chance that you will get the flu after getting the flu shots. The things that many people experienced are the side effects of the flu vaccine itself. That means your body is responding to the vaccine, which is a good thing to happen. So, there is nothing that you need to worry about.