Monday, August 17, 2020

These 3 Baby Massage for Sleep Are Worth to Try

Baby Massage for Sleep - There are so many benefits of giving baby massage for sleep. Babies can get many benefits especially when they are on the deep sleep stage. It is more important to ensure that the growth process is more optimal.

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In addition, sleep problems in infants not only can affect growth and development, but can also cause problems today. To avoid this, make a routine at night that can help regulate the baby's body and make his sleep patterns.

Sleep is something that can be forced on a child, it must be done naturally. Get used to the routine or ritual sleep that is consistent with warm water, massaging your back, reading stories, and dimming the lights. With a fixed night routine, babies will relax more because they know what will happen next. And the more relaxed the baby is, the more he can fall asleep quickly and easily.

For that, get the baby to sleep soundly and long every night by doing this steps of baby massage for sleep.

Control Baby’s Bath Time

Bathing time can make the baby more relaxed and more ready to be taken. Besides that, it can also be a moment to strengthen the bond between ownership and the little one. With a gentle touch and a warm smile, our baby can be loved and developed comfortably because of his optimal psychological development. In addition, this bathing time can be created as a place for little ones to practice their sensory abilities and motor skills, parents.

Clean the Baby’s Face and Body

First, first clean the area around the baby's eyes by using a washcloth that has been moistened with air without soap. Continue on the area of the mouth. Then, you can do the entire face gently. Not forgetting, wipe the back of his ear too. Wash your baby's body with air starting from the head, starting from the body, genitals, and finally the buttocks.

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Then, use a cloth throughout the body, and use a different cloth on the part of the device to remove using germs. Rinse until the baby's body is clean, partly on the folds of the skin to avoid irritation. After that, dry it by patting it gently using a dry towel and complete the folds of the shoulder is also really dry, parents.

How to Massage Your Baby

A touch of love through gentle massage done by parents alone can make a baby relax. This is because he can feel the love of his parents. With a calm and peaceful mood after being massaged, the little one becomes easier to sleep well and also improves the quality of his sleep. For a more comfortable massage time, use a lotion with a soft and soothing aroma.

Massage your child's feet by rubbing his toes up to his hips. Then, move the legs and knees in a clockwise circular motion and vice versa to relax his hip three times. After finishing massaging your baby's stomach, continue on the arm starting from the base of the arm to the direction of moving hands and back to the base of the arm. Then, gently massage the fingers.

If so, gently lift the second head with your second hand and rub the skin smoothly. Then, massage the leaves of the ear and wipe both eyebrows, continue with stroking the two closed eyelids. Finally, massage your baby's chin in a circular motion. When finished, now lie on your baby's body and start massaging his back.

Do this baby massage for sleep routine every night or as often as possible. Even when Parents and the baby are not at home, because with the same routine can make babies easier to feel comfortable in their new environment.